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Specializing in kitchen remodeling, as well as interior and exterior work, PAUI Master Builds is a trusted design and construction firm that has been building beauty into the homes of South Texas. As each home project is unique, it was equally important to put great attention to detail into PAUI Master Builds website. The visual style has created instant trust in requesting additional building services.

The homepage welcomes visitors with an eye-catching slideshow of PAUI Master Builds’s most impressive work, accompanied by a short overview of their approach and services. The website also includes dedicated pages for each of their services, such as kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, and custom carpentry, providing in-depth information on the process and materials used.

In addition to the service pages, the website features a portfolio section where visitors can view photos of their previous projects, organized by room and style.

Overall, the website is designed to inspire and inform visitors, showcasing Paul Master Builds’ ability to transform any space into a luxurious and functional home. The website effectively communicates the company’s commitment to quality and attention to detail, while also providing a user-friendly and engaging experience to those interested in improving their living spaces.

Since the launch of their new website, Paul Master Builds has experienced a significant increase in sales, with a growth of 50% in the last year. The user-friendly design, engaging content, and informative resources provided by the website have helped the company attract more visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

The website’s stylish and sophisticated design showcases their expertise in transforming homes, while the portfolio section demonstrates the quality of their work. The informative content, including a blog section, also demonstrates their knowledge and experience in the industry, building trust with potential customers. The new website has played a key role in driving business growth and generating leads, making it a valuable asset for Paul Master Builds.

Q1 2022

Website Redesign

PAUI Master Builds