Texas Christian Athletic League


The Texas Christian Athletic League, or otherwise known as T-CAL, is a Christian athletic league providing organized scheduling and tournaments for private and charter schools in Texas. The league’s mission is to promote Christian values through sports, and to provide a supportive environment where students can develop their skills and character. As the league experiences rapid growth, it was essential to continue staying competitive against other local athletic leagues To achieve this, their Executive Director reached out to Super Technologies to demonstrate its premier status in an online format.

To achieve this, we worked closely with the T-CAL team to position their brand website to directly resonate with their target audience. This involved understanding their unique needs and preferences, and tailoring the website’s design and functionality to meet those requirements. By doing so, we created a more engaging and intuitive online experience that effectively communicates sports.

We also digitized all physical forms, making it easily accessible on the website, and implemented an assistant calendar that streamlines information from various sources and partner schools. This not only enhanced the user experience but also increased efficiency in their operations. With digital forms, T-CAL can now easily manage and track submissions, reducing paperwork and administrative burdens. The assistant calendar, on the other hand, provides a centralized platform for scheduling and event management, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed and up-to-date.

Our team also provided on-site training to empower the T-CAL team to manage the website’s backend with ease. This hands-on support equipped them with the skills and confidence needed to take ownership of the website, making it simpler for them to maintain and update content, manage user roles, and track website analytics.

The T-CAL team has been thoroughly impressed with the outcome of the project, a sentiment echoed by their partnered schools. Beyond the widespread praise for the redesign, the Super Technologies team achieved a few standout goals. Most notably, the site became a centralized hub where all students, parents, and coaches can easily access information. Overall this has helped the Texas Christian Athletic League further establish their brand image by having the most modern website in contrast to their competitors.

Q1 2024


Texas Christian Athletic League